Three must-have crystals for your toolkit by Cosmic Crystals

Three must-have crystals for your toolkit by Cosmic Crystals

Feeling on point every day is ideal; how we get close to achieving this is a journey that encompasses and makes room for self-improvement, self-love and better decision making. At Cosmic Crystals we believe that crystals can be used to manifest your dreams, amplify your intentions, and support your own personal development. You can use crystals in many ways, some quick wins include, practicing positive affirmations, crystal meditation, or simply placing them within your home or office space to help balance and restore the energy.

Wearing or carrying crystals is also a great way to benefit from their healing energies. Like the saying ‘you are what you eat' we feel you can also be what you wear, which is why we have partnered with Koi Footwear. Crystals can naturally amplify and raise your vibration, they work with your own energy, balancing and enhancing effortlessly. There is also said to be a connection between our emotions and the way we dress. What you wear and how you feel when you’re wearing it is said to be connected to the way you behave and your identity. This is why we LOVE Kio footwear! For us being able to wear cruelty-free shoes also gives us a natural high vibe, like the one we get from our crystals. Simple ways you can raise and enhance your positive energy is a major plus. What makes you happy and feel like the best version of yourself is different for everyone, so we recommend giving anything positive a try until you land on what works for you.

Cosmic Crystals starter crystal toolkit guide.

Our recommendations for a ‘Starter Crystal Toolkit’ are Clear Quartz, Amethyst and Rose Quartz. We have chosen these crystals because they work together in perfect harmony, and are some of the foundation stones for positivity, love, and protection. These crystals will help you to have a greater awareness of your own energy, helping you find balance and happiness in all areas of your life.

Clear Quartz

Associated with the third eye and crown chakra but it works with all the chakras.

Known as the Master healer, Clear Quartz is a crystal for amplifying intentions and cleansing any negative energy. It can be used with all your other crystals to boost their own healing powers and intensify the power of intentions set using them.
Clear quartz will help you to stay focused, freeing your mind of thoughts and worries that no longer serve you.

Key take-outs

●  Boosts and amplifies your intentions

●  Resets and rebalances your energy

●  Enhances positivity

●  Improves communication
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    Clear quartz intention:

    Hold a piece of Clear Quartz in your hand and repeat, “I program this crystal to help me keep my thoughts positive.’ Wear this crystal when you need a boost of positivity and self-encouragement. Clear quartz is like having your own personal cheerleader with you.

    You are what you wear

    Wear your positivity crystal with these amazing vegan Lor Chunky Sandals. Not only will you feel the part, you will look the part too.


    Associated with the crown chakra

    Amethyst is a calming crystal that comes into play when life gets a bit overwhelming. It is a great stone to meditate with and is the perfect crystal to have in your tool kit if you are struggling with sleep.

    Key take-outs

    ●  Absorbs worries

    ●  Boosts your self-esteem

    ●  Protects against negativity

    ●  Aids sleep

    Amethyst intention:
    Hold your amethyst crystal in your hand and repeat, “I program this crystal to bring me back to a place of peace and tranquillity.” If you feel worry arise in the day, focus on this crystal to help you bring you back to a state of calm.

    You are what you wear

    Wear your Peace Necklace with Kio Vegan Trinity Lilac Croc Knee High Boots shoes, having cruelty-free shoes is one less worry for the day.

    Rose Quartz

    Associated with the heart chakra

    Rose Quartz crystal has a loving energy that will help you remember to have love and kindness for yourself and others. It can restore harmony to existing relationships and encourages unconditional love in new ones.

    Key take-outs

    ●  Opens your heart to love in all forms

    ●  Lowers stress and balances your energy

    ●  Allows you to let go through the power of forgiveness

    ●  Promotes kindness, compassion, and love
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    Rose Quartz Intention:

    Hold this crystal to your heart and repeat, “I program this crystal to help me give and receive love in abundance.” Keep this crystal by your bed and repeat this affirmation for 30 days holding your crystal to increase your self-love and love for others.

    You are what you wear

    Wear your Love Necklace with Kio Hydra Matrix Kawaii Platform Boots
    shoes, these shoes will increase the loving energy you have to give by showing the world you care about the planet.

    If you want to add to our crystal toolkit, try taking the Cosmic Crystals, crystal quiz. You are said to be naturally drawn towards the crystal you need the most, so allow yourself to trust your intuition when choosing crystals. If you relax and go with the flow, your intuition will guide you to the energy you need the most.

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