Let your hair down and have a drink - but ONLY if it's TEQUILA 🤪
Get creative with a KOI KOCKTAIL of your choice 🍸

Get CRAZY just like our Feliz Smiley Yellow Knee High Boots
Just mix Tequila, Orange Juice, Cranberry Juice and Cherries for the ultimate KICK 🙃

Shaken not stirred, our creamy The Knights Fusion Trainers are perfect for you!
A dash of tequila, rum, tea and ice is all you need!

Feeling FRUITY? Our Rayden Metallic Platform Boots are the you WANT!
Cranberry juice, strawberries, mint OH AND DON'T FORGET the TEQUILA 🍹

Keep it SIMPLE & SOUR with our Helios Hologram Flame Boots!
Tequila and Lime is all you need - but thats MORE than enough!

Enjoy today and OF COURSE, drink responsibly!
Or just buy a pair of KOI KICKS and feel as merry as a tequila shot 😉
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