Introducing The Sprinkies Shoes

Introducing The Sprinkies Shoes

We are very proud to launch our Sprinkies Shoes in collaboration with AyeshaShaSha you can send her some love, @ayeshashasha777. These bespoke custom shoes were born of creative madness and a love for all things sweet! Allow us to introduce you to the ultimate Kawaii dreamboat! 

Ayesha workshopped our classic Hydra boot, to bring to life a tasty treat for the feet! The boots are one of a kind and each design was hand-painted by the artist herself and took a total of 5 months to make the whole collection. Let's break that down, each shoe took around 15 hours to paint because every sprinkle and glorious drip of chocolate was hand draw onto the shoes. This means no two shoes are exactly the same. 

Because of the custom nature of the shoes every boot comes with an authenticity card and the shoes number you have purchased. 

The resin gummy bears and chocolate bar are made using Ayeshas' custom moulds. And with a simple clasp attachment they can be placed anywhere on the shoes or removed to use as a keepsake or repurposed to make some funky jewellery. 

And the pink glitter sole of the shoe is totally unique to this style and was also hand painted by the very talented Ayesha. 

There are only 22 of these sprinkle boots in the whole world! So what are you waiting for sweeten you arrival and shop the style here.


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