Empowering Anime Characters OOTD

Empowering Anime Characters OOTD

As some of you may or may not know at Koi HQ we has a slightly unhealthy obsession with anime and shoes of course! So we have invited our besties from Lemonade Dolls to create some outfits inspired by our fave anime characters! Let's see if any of your favourites made the cut. 

Everyone deep down has a super soft spot for anime, whether you watch it religiously or appreciate some badass characters. That's why we are bringing you four empowering women characters from manga/anime series styled with banging Koi Footwear and cute af undies from Lemonade Dolls. These outfits of the day might just be a revolution babe.   

Sakura Haruno


Sakura is intelligent, adventurous and compassionate. We thought Tira Mary Janes' Candy Dreams Edition' and Everyday Set with Not Your Babe Slogan on her booty because even though Sakura is sweet, she could change moods any minute! So I'd watch out; she has a quick temper that may make her easily irritated; this babe is honestly vibing with her kind heart underneath.  

Lucy Heartfilia


 Lucy takes pride in her appearance and is a very energetic bottle of fun! It's lovely to see her showing the right amount of self-acceptance. She is also super competent and caring; she'll be your number one when you need a friend to fight crime with, that's for sure! We have matched Luc up with Friend From My Dreams Teddy Bear Boots and Leopard Boss Set; what an angel! 

Erza Scarlet


 Ezra is a serious babe; she takes no shit off anyone and has the personality of zero 'fucks were given,' the traits everyone needs in their life. Although, she's feisty and will become impatient when other people don't answer her questions quickly enough. The best match of boots Ezra deserves is the Butterfly Effect Denim Long Boots for stamping on anyone who gets in her way along with the Fearless Cutie Set because let's face it she has no fear!




Morigana isn't much of a chitter box. She is into strange little things; for instance, she'd rather have two devilish-looking gauntlets than some adorable emerald pendants; we guess diamonds aren't for everyone Morgiana love! We've styled her up with Hydra Matrix Kawaii Platform Boots and Fabulous Fashionista Set as her hot pink hair looks liberating with more pink and blues.


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