Koi x Nasty Magazine

We are back with a triple threat as The Sexy Nostalgia collection has just dropped, and these chunky platform boots were featured in Nasty Magazine! These aesthetic images were taken by the talented Marco Giuliano. The shoot styled by Ana Macavei bought attention to the statement prints of the heeled platform boot, perfect to unleash your inner baddie.This new chunky boots comes in three styles, Dead Silence Doll, Empty Flowers and Bungle Burden Teddy Platform Heeled Boots ⁠which retail at £55.The Dead Silence Doll Platform Heeled Boots will make everyone stop in their tracks, covered in doll heads these chunky boots aren’t for the faint hearted.   

The Empty Flowers Platform Heeled Boots are for all you 60’s babes, pretty but still badass.In the mood for something cuter? The Bungle Burden Teddy Platform Heeled Boots are the ones for you as they are covered in teddy bears and will eb the cutest thing you've seen all week! 

Go unleash your inner baddie with these killer kicks, you know you want to. Shop the collection right here.